Time Machine

The dream transpired as thus:
We begin navigating through a cavernous mountain on a track.

I sit in the rear car of 5 or 6 linked coaster cars.
The cars in front of me are occupied by people's of various walks of life and backgrounds.
After passing through a dark corridor, we enter a large chamber with an aperture to the left exposing blue sky from outside.
The chamber is filled with a shallow pool of water with the track continuing just above the water line through the center.
The relief of sunlight diverts our attentions, and in the midst of distraction, the cars malfunction and careen off the track into the water.
The velocity of the cars is so sluggish and the crash so graceful that it almost appears to be intentional.
No one is injured, but we are left with silence and the foreboding darkness of the dark bowels of the mountain.
The silence is terrifying and I quote myself from my impulse description: "the fear grew knowing that the beasts would soon arrive."
Soon enough, the stillness is broken by quiet movement in the darkness.
As we stand waist deep in the water-filled chamber, we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by a band of Neanderthalic beast men.
Though weary of the brooding circumstances, we are stricken with an overwhelming sense of calm as they dispense their cares to each one of us.
Without a singular exchange of audible communication, our rescuers lead us into the darkness to a place more familiar than any place we have ever been, and a providential calm blankets the once hideous aspect of the moment.

I awoke and scrambled for my sketchbook to sketch some simple thumbnails of the chamber and the coaster car malfunction:

and one the docile beast men:

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